• Portraits

    Danco Kalcev cherishes two parallel approaches: one in the realm of abstraction, and the other in figurative art. In both he is equally convincing and dexterous painter.In the area of figuration, in addition to still life, he paints portraits of his contemporaries.  The portraits are drawn with confidence and painted in the classical manner to satisfy the basic intention: the painted portrait is intended to be a lively evocation of the original, with the person's characteristic comportment and recognizable appearance. Kalcev is an artist of the realist portrait, but he also like to make it pleasing to the person commissioning it; he knows how to highlight the psychological traits, but also to stylize or embellish in order to create the effect of the pleasantness of the model.
  • “Composition” 1990-1992

    This series of paintings was produced in the early 1990's, in oil on canvas. A central motif with characteristics of abstract landscape was chosen and set on a plain surface, partly resembling an icon. The painter used alphabetical, typographical and numerical motifs, achieving graphic effects and unique sign references to culture, serial production and mechanization. The artist engraved the imprints of his artistic imagination into the relief structure of color, in layers and in a controlled manner. The highly cultivated building of the painting was to become the recognizable trait of his artistic approach.
  • “Imprints” 1992-1994

    These paintings were produced between 1992 and 1994. Oil, wood, sand and metal are used in order to give tactile trustworthiness to the painting and to enrich its associative tension. These are graphic inscriptions executed in the relief of the painted structure. Among other things, emphasis is placed on the softly drawn geometrical figures: triangular and rectangular forms that define the field of chromatic surfaces and symbolize intellectual studiousness.
  • “Idols” 1992-1997

    This cycle of paintings was produced between 1992 and 1997  in the mixed media technique on a wooden base ( oil, spray, metal and wood ). The pre-formed wooden tablets are freed from the standard frame and hence acquire the features of object paintings. His works are intended as individual "pieces", but at the same time they are grouped into two or three parts in a composition whose sections essentially correspond with each other both aesthetically and in content: they are part of a single whole.
  • “Genesis” 2007-2009

    "When a painter selects their own style among the styles of the past as Danco Kalcev does, that is an art statement. Using poetics of the historical enformel, the painter declares himself in relation to his own time and past. In this exhibition, Kalcev turns to enformel and abstraction with mastery", says art critic and historian Zlatko Teodosievski.